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8 High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy

Getting pregnant and giving birth a baby on the due date is a natural process, but this does not happen in every case, certain cases are considered as high-risk pregnancy, in such cases, there could be a potential complication for the Baby, the mother or to both that can also be life-threatening.

Factors responsible for a high-risk pregnancy


  • Age: if a women maternal age is below 17 or above 35 years
  • Medical condition with women before pregnancy such as diabetes, lung or kidney disorder, high blood pressure, heart problem, sexually transmitted disease or chronic infection
  • Medical condition that occurs during pregnancy such as Preeclampsia which is a syndrome that causes high blood pressure, urinary protein, and swelling; it can be very dangerous or even fatal for the baby or mother if not cured properly. Gestational diabetes is also a possible high risk pregnancy causes.
  • Other condition such as premature delivery or multiple births.
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